AMCap 9.22

Capture video using your computer's webcam and save it to your hard drive

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    Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE

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AMCap 9.22

Ever wished you could capture the video source recorded by your webcam? You could keep your favorite with you all the time this way, and through Amcap, you can save the information to your hard drive so that it stays there. Amcap easily records videos to the hard drive, and you can save them in either AVI or MPEG2 format. This provides you with the codecs so that you can make it happen.

Interesting Options with Amcap

This system features plenty of enriching features that hands you a variety of options like adding special effects to your images and taking screenshots. Some of the special effects include alpha-blending, graphic overlay and transparency. However nice Amcap might be, it does have a couple problems. For example, it can be somewhat deceiving at times. Perhaps it's because you see one thing and expect something else, but the webcam monitoring tools look different to what we thought we'd have. Another problem was how we didn't honestly find Amcap useful because it doesn't even automatically take screenshots based on lapses in time. At that rate, you might as well snap the picture yourself using the screenshot button and copy and paste it. In that way, you're making use out of software that you already have, and you're not letting this software take up more space on your hard drive. That brings us to the next point: The video file takes up so much room on your hard drive, so you shouldn't download this software unless you have plenty of hard drive space available.

Why Should People Use Amcap?

You should use Amcap if you want a simple tool where you can capture videos on your webcam. For example, perhaps you're Skyping with your friends and family. You might be deployed while working for the military, and you can record your favorite moments with the family to replay them even when you're on duty. It works for almost whatever purpose you might have. Those on the lookout for a webcam monitoring app, we recommend looking somewhere else instead because this software probably won't satisfy you.

What is Amcap and How Does It Work?

Amcap can serve for a wide variety of different purposes, and the video capture application comes with a video preview where you can see the footage you're taking. Through this version, it will also feature a DV camcorder, and you have analog tuner support, improved MPEG2 support and multi-monitor and full-screen. You always have the parameter persistence. Whether or not you should download it depends on whether you can justify the reasons for it. With this system, you have 324,762 downloads.


  • You have a dead simple interface that makes it easy to navigate.
  • You can capture the video straight from the webcam.


  • If you choose to do video files, they will take up a lot of space.
  • No support for the automated snapshots.

AMCap is a software program that allows people to take videos with their webcam, record that information and then save it automatically to the hard drive of the computer to which it is attached.

This program is fairly easy to use because it does not have a lot of different settings that need to be utilized. A person simply needs to decide whether he or she wants to have the video that is recorded saved to the hard drive of the computer in a MPEG2 file or in an AVI format. Both formats are fully supported by the codecs that are included in the document.

There are also a wealth of different options that are available for a person to use when capturing video. One of these options is the ability to take screenshots. Screenshots are when the image that is being shown on a screen is captured and that single instant is recorded as a still image. This can be helpful for making memes, gathering evidence and information and making sure that all of the details in that image are able to be analyzed. Another option that is available when using AMCap is to add special effects to the video. These special effects include being able to overlay graphics on the picture, being able to increase the transparency of certain parts of the video and being able to do some alpha-overlay. All of these different options allow videos to be customized so that they exactly fit the needs of the person who has taken them.

This program also allows its users to record audio, which many programs do not. By being able to record audio, it ensures that the complete experience that unfolds in front a web cam is fully experienced.

Unfortunately, this program is not considered to be particularly useful, especially because there is no way to take automated screenshots. Automated screenshots are extremely useful for being able to monitor an area. Because of the lack of this function, there is no real reason why this software should be used.

Because video files take up a lot of space, this program is not recommended for those who do not have a large amount of space on their hard drives available for video storage. Storing a lot of videos unwittingly will result in the amount of room left on the hard drive being seriously diminished and the computer slowing down as a result. It is recommended to only save the videos that a person really needs.

Pros of Using AMCopy:

  • Able to take screenshots
  • Able to add extra special effects
  • Able to automatically save video files to a computer's hard drive
  • Records audio

Cons of Using AMCopy:

  • Not able to take automated screen shots
  • Video files tend to take up a lot of room

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